As an organisation which supports the NHS, we have an obligation to work in a way that has a positive effect on the communities we serve. For us, and for Airedale NHS Foundation Trust, sustainability means spending public money well, the smart and efficient use of natural resources and building healthy, resilient communities.

Our sustainability mission statement is that of the Trust’s:

“As a part of the NHS, public health and social care system, it is our duty to contribute towards the level of ambition set in 2014 of reducing the carbon footprint of the NHS, public health and social care system by 34% (from a 1990 baseline) equivalent to a 28% reduction from a 2013 baseline by 2020. It is our aim to supersede this target by reducing our carbon emissions by 34% by 2020 using 2007/08 as the baseline year.”

With our support, the Foundation Trust has:

  • reduced carbon emissions by 29.7% since 2013/14
  • reduced electricity consumption by 85% since 2013/14
  • installed three electric car charging points on site

We continue to:

  • reduce carbon by decreasing the Estate.
  • reduce water consumption
  • recycle waste
  • reduce clinical waste
  • promote active travel to improve local air quality, improve staff wellbeing and reduce sickness

Read more in the Trust’s Sustainability Report here.