Effective procurement is crucial to securing best value public service. Our business supports our clients to meet their wider objectives of supporting businesses, helping the regeneration of the local economy, reducing administrative costs and minimising their overall impact on the environment.

AGH Solutions aims to continually improve our procurement processes and we work with our suppliers to minimise the costs of buying, ensure that contracts provide value for money, and deliver a fair deal for suppliers.

Our procurement team focuses on:

  • Providing a professional supplies service to our clients
  • Tendering and managing of NHS contracts, and high value complex contracts.
  • Working collaboratively with other NHS organisations
  • Supporting small to medium sized enterprises
  • Publication of notices required under EU Procurement Regulations
  • Ensuring compliance with all NHS, National and European Legislation

We would be happy to discuss your procurement needs. Get in touch via the Contact Us page

Details of how to tender for Airedale NHS Foundation Trust contracts are available at the link below:

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust – Doing Business With Us